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  • Project type: Architecture
    Status: Under construction
    Area: 3 x 130 m2
    Year: 2017
    Location: Kirkenes municipality, Norway
    Program: development of 3 holiday cabins with garages
    Team: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Vytas Buinevičius

    Located about 20 km east from Kirkenes the development territory of 6000 m2 is right on the northern side of the Jarfjorden by the Barents Sea. There are 3 plots 1700 m2 each, connected by the entrance road leading up the hill. Every plot will have a cabin of 105 m2, a garage of 42m2 and two parking places.

    The maximum privacy and the best views for all are secured by making use of the slope and rotating each of the houses at a different angle. Submerged in the dense taiga forest of small birch trees, each of the cabins will have a feeling of beeing completely surrounded by nature.

    The cabins are designed to disappear in the landscape. The volumes of houses are very compact (total of 98m2 BRA), the roofs do not stick out and therefore look even smaller. Nevertheless, the cabins are rather spacious inside.

    The garage is designed to be as neutral as possible. The low volumes have flat green roofs which hide them also looking form above. The side wall pocket makes space for a stock of firewood thus also creating a facade.

    Ground floor plan. The living area of 34m2 is up to 5 meter height. It has windows on all three sides which make snapshots of the nature around and gather every beam of sunlight that could possibly be available at the time.

    Attic floor plan. The attic above the bedrooms adds up with another 12,5m2 in full height and could host extra guests.