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  • Project type: Architecture
    Status: Under construction
    Area: 400 m2
    Year: 2016
    Program: exhibition space, conference, 8 hotel rooms
    Location: Lauvsnes, Flatanger municipality, Norway
    Team: Vaidas Bieliūnas, Laimis Valančiūnas, Vytas Buinevičius

    The new hotel with the Sea Eagle Centre should become a unique attraction point in the region. The new building has to stand out in the diversely shaped architectural landscape, look modern, withstand severe winds and stormy water and fit within a rather constrained budget. Moreover, the new investment has to justify the fact that one of the best possible locations available in the Flatanger kommune was devoted for the development that is supposed to give a boost for the local community.

    A 12 meter height clear-cut cube building is set on a rocky cape sticking out in the fjord. This rather discrete conceptual shape with modern facade composition and finishing allow to stand out without setting a conflict with the surrounding buildings. Modern architecture is created by means of the low-cost traditional timber frame building methods and reserved facade decor.

    View from the main entrance point: a terrace of the restaurant nearby.

    The ground floor hosts an exhibition space, a conference room (which could also be used for exhibitions) and an office space.

    Two upper floors are used for 8 hotel rooms. Half of them are the luxury rooms with private saunas overlooking the fjord.