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  • Project type: Interior
    Status: Built
    Area: 300 m2
    Project year: 2017
    Location: Druskinikai, Lithuania
    Team: Jokūbas Jurgelis, Jurga Marcinauskaitė
    Photos: Darius Petrulaitis
    Artworks: Dominykas Gutauskas, Paulius Makauskas

    “Mano erdvė 2018” – best house interior
    “Auksinė paletė 2017” – the most professional use of wood in the interior.

    This young family house is located in the Druskininkai, on the Nemunas riverside, the biggest river of Lithuania.  This is woodlands, so for local people the building resemble a pine cone.
    House is divided in two spaces: one is for the relaxation, second – for active life.  The main living-dining space distinguish with double height and is the core of the entire ground floor.

    A lot of attention was dedicated to the finishing materials and what sensations they create. Pine cone motive dominates on all building facades, so natural connection is created when this material is moved inside, adding a new kind of relation between inside and outside views. There are exceptionally natural surfaces in this interior, solid and rugged elements. Unusual color and material combination creates personal story of the people who lives here.