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  • Project type: Interior
    Status: Built
    Area: 550 m2
    Year: 2018
    Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
    Team: Jokūbas Jurgelis, Jurga Marcinauskaitė
    Photos: Darius Petrulaitis

    “Geras dizainas 2019” – best interior.
    “Geras dizainas 2019” – interior elements 2nd prize.
    “Mano erdvė 2019” – nominated as the best public interior.

    Representational showroom of Lithuanian mattress and bedroom furniture manufacturer LONAS in Vilnius, located in the new commercial zone, former soviet military village territory. New showroom is set up in unique two-story former automotive maintenance warehouse space. Products display and materials testing zone, located on the first floor, focuses on showcasing produced items and their properties. Second floor is based on multi functionality: to display, to present and to collaborate. It’s a co-working space for employees’ and clients.

    Our aim was to point out company’s innovative approach, to showcase manufactured products and creating added value for customers expand the concept of a commercial store. This showroom has a special focus on professionals. A lot of attention was dedicated to materials. We used recycled rubber and recycled foam rubber, plywood and linen thread, which are used in production.

    That became the main project concept, both in aesthetic and values qualities. Recycled materials builds more responsible consumer culture. This is particularly significant for LONAS manufacturing company. Using recycled materials, innovative manufacturer fosters sustainable approach to production waste reduction in all LONAS group companies.